concept space

A simple interface to complex information

Space to breathe

Transform tangled web into clear space

New insights

Different perspective creates new insights


Overview transforms understanding

Our vision

Intuitive interface

We have evolved to process relationships in space. uses spatial awareness to convey information between concepts


Get a general overview of a particular subject area and see how the pieces fit together


Navigate information using well-established map techniques such as zoom and drag. Click to get more information on specific topics or articles

Imagine if knowledge was beautiful...
Our goal

Improve collaboration

By showing how different research and researchers relate to each other, we aim to increase possible collaborations and reduce duplication of research effort

Increase accessibility

By providing a simple interface to the latest research, we aim to increase the accessibility of the latest research to as many people as possible, whether people outside academia or researchers in different fields

Transform innovation

By simplifying access to the latest research and increasing potential collaborations, we aim to transform the speed of innovation in research


Stefan Haselwimmer

Co-founder and Managing Director

Colin Ramsay

Co-founder is ready to make your knowledge come alive

To find out more about how we can make your knowledge beautiful, please get in touch

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